Bendable Female Mannequin



Female Jersey covered Flexible mannequin - Gray Color
Padded body is pinnable, including head.
Wire fingers are flexible and stay in place.
Head rotates around neck, could be taken off.
Arms rotate at shoulder and will bend at elbow, wrist, and first and second knuckle on the fingers.
Mannequin can hold items whether it be cups bouquets etc., this mannequin is the most complete poseable arms and hands available in the market today.

Used by major insurance companies to test car safety, companies like Geico, GE and other industrials use and love these mannequins.

Mannequin Body can be seated, stood up with base leaning, lying, basically any position you want it to be it will bend to that shape,

Height: 69" - Bust: 31" - Waist : 24" - Hips: 34" - Shoulder to Shoulder : 17"
Inseam (from crotch to elbow): 34" Shoe Size: 8

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Bendable Female Mannequin


Bendable Female Mannequin Bendable Female Mannequin Bendable Female Mannequin