How to Assemble a Steamer ..

Posted by Alison Wainwright on November 22, 2017.

Please follow these 5 easy steps to assemble and disassemble your steamer unit.

Step 1: Connect 3 metal rods to one another by screwing them together using built in threading bolts. Rods should turn with easily and without much resistance. If heavy resistance occurs, the threads may not be lining up and can cause damage to rods. 

steamer rod

Step 2: After rods are connected they should form the hose support. Take the hose support rod and thread the bottom of the rod into the steamer’s base. 


Step 3: Screw the bottom of the steamer hose into the base unit. This may need to be done with a wrench in order to reach a maximum seal.

Step 4: Fill water bottle and screw bottle cap on tightly. Turn bottle upside-down and slide into base unit. Water bottle should only fit one way onto base unit. Gravity and suction will hold the water bottle in place on your steamer while you steam.


Step 5: Turn on power and wait for steamer to preheat. Once you see steam coming out of the hose’s head, your ready to start steaming. 

To disassemble steamer for packing, just follow these steps backwards. Remember to empty the water bottle and steamer base completely of water before packing. Steamer base can be turned upside-down to empty it.


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